vendredi 7 février 2014

7/2/2014 trades

hello traders 
what a day oooh it's the NFP day , took 4 trades today on gold 
bought from 1258.62 closed for +4pips ,then lost my control and started chasing the market after the news  witch a huge mistake and we should never do  that  so i bought gold from 1260.18 hit my stop for -18 pips then went short from 1258.57 and stopped out for -22pips 
and my emotion went up and i was very affected with loss then i entered long on gold from 1262.92 but this time with a stander lot which very very high lot for me and i was almost got stopped out for almost -20% , i was lucky the market went back i closed it for +8 pip on stander lot 
so now i decide to stop trading until i take back my control on my emotion trading 

so i wish all luck for all of you 
and i see you back went i finish my training 

mercredi 5 février 2014

5/2/2014 trades

hello traders 
today was very  very bad  day we run out of luck ,took 4 trades  3 of them got stopped out 
i wasnt trading in the London session today and there was some great opportunity that i missed and this affected my emotion "still having emotion problem :( " so i made some wrong trading decision 
i bought eur/usd from 1.3537  hitted my stop -10.6 pips then bought gold from 1261.9 stopped for -21pips 
another buy on eur/aud from 1.5194 hit stop for -12.6 pips 
last  trade buy on gold from 1257.82 closed it for 4 pips 

mardi 4 février 2014

4/2/2014 trades

hello trader 
today was a busy day we had 8 trade the market wasn't good and i suffers from watching the market trading in range , today i didn't go to work so i was watching the market and it's boring to wait for signal to accrue specially when you trade the 5 min , you must have a nerve of steel to keep up with market ,so the lesson from today is stay focus and don't let the market play you 
now let's talk about the trades we started a day buy on eur/usd from 1.3505 with small lot closed it for 5 pips 
then a sell on eur/aud from 1.5190 closed for +4pips  then another sell on the same currency pair from 1.5209 closed for +7pip
then we went to sell gold , a scalping with small lot size from 1251.99 closed it for +10 pips and took another scalping on gold  selling from 1250.97 but this time with high lot and this is the mistake a made unfortunately the trade got stopped out for -10 pips this should mean i'm on break even on gold but the difference of the lot traded putted in a negative territory in this affect the emotion very badly , so i kept fighting the emotion of revenge and then decided to took more trades so i bought gold from 1252.06 closed it for +6pips and a buy on gbp/aud from 1.8256 closed for -2.86 pip wich i wasn't planing to trade this pair i thought that I'm trading the EUR/AUD  but when closed the trade i was surprised that i'm trading another pair it's funny wright , thats what happen when you watch the market for a long time jumping from a chart to another .
the last trade was buy on eur/jpy from 137.27 closed for +4 pips 

i need to work more on controlling my emotion and letting my profits run 

lundi 3 février 2014

3/2/2014 trades

hello trader 
today there was a lot of opportunity in the market unfortunately i missed a lot of them , i only took two trade 
sell on eur/cad with small lot size from 1.4968 got stopped out for -7 pips 
then took a scalping trade on the gold from 1259.43 and closed it for +11 pips 

dimanche 2 février 2014

january recap

hello trader
so the first mounth ended , we had a positive mounth and we looking to keep going in this way
we had a total of 39 trades  and the picture below explan the popularity

12 lossing trade  30,76 %
27 wining trade 69.23%
total return on investment 3.43%

31/1/2013 trades

hello traders 
took 5 trade today 
1) sell on gold from 1245.30 stopped out for -6 pips 
2) buy on gold @ 1248.8 closed for +9 pips
3) buy on eur/aud from 1.5525 closed for 8 pips 
4) sell on gold at 1251.90 closed for +3 pips 
5) buy on gold from 1246.00 took profit of 6 pips 

jeudi 30 janvier 2014

30/1/2014 trades

hello traders 
today i took two trade one losing and one winner 
first trade on eur/aud bought from 1.5474 hit my stop for -22 pips 
second trade buy on gold from 1242.17 hit my target for +20 pips 

mercredi 29 janvier 2014

29/1/2014 trades

hello traders 
today i took only one trade which was a sell on eur/aud from 1.5591 i entered it 1 hour before the fomc and fed decision but the trade didnt move to much and i was having a low internet connexion  so 15 min before the news i decide to close for +1 pip to see it go to the target without me :( 

mardi 28 janvier 2014

28/1/2014 trades

hello traders 
today was a lot of scalping on the gold , i had 6 trade 
1) buy from 1251.05  closed for 3.5
2) sell from 1251.33 hit my target for 9.3 pip
3)sell from 1251.84 hit my stop -9.7 pip
4) sell from 1251.77 hit my stop -11.2 pip
5) sell from 1252.32 closed for 3.3 pip
6) sell from 1251.51 closed for 4 pip 
a lot of lesson i learned today  about psychology and discipline 

28/1/2014 trades

hello traders 
today was a lot of scalping on the gold , i had 6 trade 
1) buy from 1251.05  closed for 3.5
2) sell from 1251.33 hit my target for 9.3 pip
3)sell from 1251.84 hit my stop -9.7 pip
4) sell from 1251.77 hit my stop -11.2 pip
5) sell from 1252.32 closed for 3.3 pip
6) sell from 1251.51 closed for 4 pip 
a lot of lesson i learned today  about psychology and discipline 

28/1/2014 trades

hello traders 
today was a lot of scalping on the gold , i had 6 trade 
1) buy from 1251.05  closed for 3.5
2) sell from 1251.33 hit my target for 9.3 pip
3)sell from 1251.84 hit my stop -9.7 pip
4) sell from 1251.77 hit my stop -11.2 pip
5) sell from 1252.32 closed for 3.3 pip
6) sell from 1251.51 closed for 4 pip 
a lot of lesson i learned today  about psychology and discipline 

lundi 27 janvier 2014

27/1/2014 trades

hello traders 
today i just did only scalping on gold with 2 trade 
the first trade buy from 1261.78 and it hit my target for profit of +22 pips 
second trade buy from 1261.15 closed it for profit of +11 pips 

samedi 25 janvier 2014

24/1/2014 trades

hello traders 
to day we had 4 trades 
buy on aud/usd from 0.8687 closed on break even 
sell on eur/cad from 1.5260 closed for 20 pips 
buy on eur/jpy from 140.39 hit my stop for -18 pips 
buy on gbp/jpy from 170.69 hit my stop for -21 pips 
wast a lot of opportunity due to hesitation and bad INTERNET connection 

23/1/2014 trades

hello traders 
we had two scalping trade 
buy on gold from 1260.20 toke profit of 6 pips 
buy on eur/jpy from 141.27 closed it for 2 pips 
was scare i didn't wait for the target to get filled 
i should work on this in the next week 

22/1/2014 trade

hello traders 
i had only one trade  i took scalping by buying eur/jpy from 141.64 close it for 7 pips 

21/1/2014 trades

hello traders 
we had 4 trade 
buy on eur/aud two times from 1.5410 then from 1.5363 total result from the trade -37 pips but the trade in term of the money was profitable because the second trade was with a big lot 
trade n°3 was scalp on gold from 1 min chart took 3 pips 
the last trade buy on eur/jpy from 141.14  took 4 pips 

mardi 21 janvier 2014

20/1/2014 trades

hello traders 
it was a busy day we had 5 trade let's talk about the quickly 
first trade was scalping lower time frame on gbp/jpy i bought from 171.23 and closed at 171.44 (+21 pips) 
second trade an aud/usd took it from 4h time frame it was up +26 pips but reversed on me and affected my emotion specially when you see a trade go from +26 to -35 it really hurt so when price go back to my entry i closed it with -8 pip 
trade number 3 , buy on NZD/USD from 0.8236 and hit target after the news CPI came positive from new Zealand and trade hit target +34 pips .  
trade number 4 sell on gbp/chf took it from 4 hour time frame it was about 50% on the way to take my target and i wasn't follow it because  i was a sleep then the market reversed and hit my stop with a lose of -46 pips 
the last trade on gbp/nzd toke it from 4h but i didnt stick to my plan and i exited for +10 pips to only watch it go to my target 

total of the day +11 

samedi 18 janvier 2014

17/1/2014 trades

hello traders
friday the last day of trading in the week
there was a  lot of opertunity eventuelly i didn't took them , i only took 1 trade wich was buy on USD/CAD
from 1.0948 i was planing to hold it for long term but i closed it on profit of +11 pips
this is a mistake that i made and i should take lessons from this , the road it long and i should take those mistake out so i can stay  in the road to financial freedom .

so total of the day +11 pips 

jeudi 16 janvier 2014

15/1/2014 trades

hello traders
it was a bad trading day i took 3 trade and they got stoped out
first trade on aud/usd i bought it from 0.8914 and stoped out for -58pips  when the news came out from australia wich where very disopionet job number
second trade was on eur/gbp bought from 0.8318 and stoped for -29 pips
and last was scalping on gold bought from 1240 and took a losse of -11 pip

so total for today -98 pips 

mardi 14 janvier 2014



today wasn't as i expected i missed a lot of opportunity mainly because the fear and this is a lesson for me to have more confident in my self and my decision which something I'm working hard on it,  so let's back to trading 
i had 2 pending order one on  gbp/chf a buy  which it didn't get activated for 10 pips then price went to the target 
the second is on gbp/aud  which i cancel it because of fear from the result of the news ( CPI from UK) 
the only trade that i took today was buy on gbp/usd from 1.6440 i took it from the 5 and 15 minute and the when enter it i checked higher time frame and i found my self buying from the high so exited with 2 pips profit 

a lot of lesson learned today 

total for today +2 pips 

13/1/2014 trades

hello traders
we just started the journey and we had two trade yesterday
the firs was buying usd/jpy from 103.43 didn't worked well i closed it this morning after the strong down candel of yesterday we didn't lose , i made profit of 1pip on it
the second trade was sell on the gbp/jpy it was based on my day trading system and it hiited the target for profit of 45pip
so the total of the day 1+45= 46pips

jeudi 2 janvier 2014

My trading approach and the 1k challenge

My trading approach and the 1k challenge
Hello traders
Happy new year to every one
Finally we are in the beginning of 2014 which I was waiting for to start the journey that I’m willing to share it with you.
We will  have a big challenge this year in my trading where I’m going to trade starting with a capital of 1000$  looking to build it up to 10k as a first step then 100k and finally to 1m .
This going to be a big challenge and it’s going to be hard, but I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get to the goal and make it happen.
I will share everything that going to happen in this journey whether it is a good or a bad and
This will help my discipline and make me stick to my plan.
Now let’s talk about my trading approach , I’m a technical trader and I focus more on price action and I made my own trading system that is based like I said on price action with the help of some indicators that  I completely understand how they work .
And for the most important thing that make a successful trader MONEY MANGMENT
I’m not going to risk more than 2% on a single trade so my lot size will be dependent on how much is my stop loses.
This going to be a long journey and we will going to learn a lot from it.
So good luck to everyone I wish you all the best

Youcef Wassim 

mercredi 1 janvier 2014

Introduction to the journey

hello traders,
my name is youcef wassim,  i'm  a forex trader and i have being trading for more than 5 years, strugling from the upp's and down's of the market  .and after all this years of experince and education i decide to start a journey into financial freedom ,where  i will share with you every thing happen to me in this journey , i will share my trades and why i took them, also i will do weekly recap of  both the market and also my result ,and also i will share some education articels and videos along the way .

i hop this journey will help you in your trading ,and i will be glad to join me to fulfil the dream of financial freedom

and always remember
trade your plan and live with passion

youcef wassim