mardi 4 février 2014

4/2/2014 trades

hello trader 
today was a busy day we had 8 trade the market wasn't good and i suffers from watching the market trading in range , today i didn't go to work so i was watching the market and it's boring to wait for signal to accrue specially when you trade the 5 min , you must have a nerve of steel to keep up with market ,so the lesson from today is stay focus and don't let the market play you 
now let's talk about the trades we started a day buy on eur/usd from 1.3505 with small lot closed it for 5 pips 
then a sell on eur/aud from 1.5190 closed for +4pips  then another sell on the same currency pair from 1.5209 closed for +7pip
then we went to sell gold , a scalping with small lot size from 1251.99 closed it for +10 pips and took another scalping on gold  selling from 1250.97 but this time with high lot and this is the mistake a made unfortunately the trade got stopped out for -10 pips this should mean i'm on break even on gold but the difference of the lot traded putted in a negative territory in this affect the emotion very badly , so i kept fighting the emotion of revenge and then decided to took more trades so i bought gold from 1252.06 closed it for +6pips and a buy on gbp/aud from 1.8256 closed for -2.86 pip wich i wasn't planing to trade this pair i thought that I'm trading the EUR/AUD  but when closed the trade i was surprised that i'm trading another pair it's funny wright , thats what happen when you watch the market for a long time jumping from a chart to another .
the last trade was buy on eur/jpy from 137.27 closed for +4 pips 

i need to work more on controlling my emotion and letting my profits run 

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